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Posted by - NA - on 21 May 2004 12:45 PM

Your mail server name is either:

  • the server hostname (preferred for SSL)
  • your domain name, if it is pointed to the server

Please make sure you use SMTP Authentication in your email client with the same credentials as those that you have set up for receiving mail.

Note: if for some reason you cannot send mail with the port set as 25, try 26 or SSL 465 instead.

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Ian G
25 January 2005 06:10 PM
And if you use Telus as an internet service provider make sure you use port 26 as your SMTP.
Garrett Socling
26 April 2005 08:09 AM
If your ISP blocks port 25 outgoing, you won't be able to send mail as stated above. What I did was ENABLE SSL, which changes the default port to send mail on. Everything works fine now!
Garrett Socling
27 February 2006 09:27 PM
You know what else I tried? Just changing the port from 25 to 26. It still worked, don't know why tho...
Jason M
10 April 2006 01:19 PM
SSL runs on port 465 - but you get an annoying message about a self-signed certificate everytime you fire up your email client and check mail for the first time.
R Walker
26 October 2006 10:57 PM
STMP SSL port number is [by default] 465.

Sometimes Apple Mail will not change the port number when the SSL option is checked and you may have to enter it manually.
Tim Burke
28 October 2006 05:47 PM
If your ISP blocks port 25, you can also use port 26 as the SMTP, that will work.
23 November 2006 04:42 AM
The alternative port should really be port 587 per RFC 2476 [], which is set aside for exactly this purpose... but at least 26 is available as a work-around for now.
Tom W.M.
11 July 2007 06:15 AM
Thunderbird will give a security warning every time it accesses the server through SSL at because the domain doesn't match the domain name in the certificate. This can be fixed by changing the domain you are fetching mail from to the domain name of the server you are hosted on (to figure out which server you are hosted on, use this tool: All your other information can be left unchanged.
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