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Publish Your Website with iWeb
Posted by on 04 August 2012 02:11 AM


You will need to prepare your FTP credentials in order to publish your website on A Small Orange's servers. These can be found in the Welcome email you received from us. If you do not have it anymore, you can open a support ticket by emailing in order for us to help you retrieve those.

Note: your main FTP account's user/pass are the same as your cPanel user/pass.

Setting Up iWeb '09 or later

If you have iWeb '09 (version 3.0) or later, follow these steps from the Mac on which you published your website:
Note: to check which version of iWeb you have, click iWeb, then About iWeb.

  1. Open iWeb '09 and click the name of the site you want to publish in the left sidebar

  2. In the Site Publishing Settings window select FTP Server from the Publish To dropdown menu

  3. Enter the following information:

    • Site name (optional)

    • Contact email (optional)

    • FTP server address (usually your domain)

    • User name for publishing to your web hosting service (cPanel/FTP username)

    • Password (cPanel/FTP password)

    • Directory and path (this will be 'public_html/' in most cases, unless publishing to an add-on, parked, subdomain or a subdirectory, which would need the appropriate name inserted after 'public_html'

    • Protocol and port (this would be FTP and port 21)

  4. Click the Test Connection button to make sure you have entered your information correctly

  5. Enter the URL for your website

  6. Click the Publish Site button

Setting Up Earlier iWeb versions

If you have an earlier version of iWeb:

  1. After following step one above open iWeb and click File, then Publish to Folder

  2. iWeb saves the published results to a Sites folder in your Mac Home folder, which you can then upload to your hosting service with an FTP publishing application

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Comments (4)
martin rawling
16 February 2013 01:39 AM
Hi, the publishing from iweb worked fine, thanks - the only thing I can't work out though is the hit counter. Seems it won't transport. Any suggestions on how I create a hit counter for my site created in iweb that will work once published on ASO? Cheers, Martin
Brent S. (ASO)
19 February 2013 10:33 AM
Hey, Martin!

Most hit counter implementations should transfer just fine; this may be indicative of some other issue that is seemingly totally unrelated (such as nearing a disk quota, network issues, etc.)

If you're still having issues, please feel free to submit a ticket and we can take a deeper look with you!
Heather Gabriel
05 March 2013 12:35 PM
no go here. Won't connect during the test.
Brent S. (ASO)
05 March 2013 12:39 PM
Hey, Heather-

Have you submitted a ticket for this so our techs can investigate? Are you also able to connect via FTP?
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